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Robert L. Bogomolny Library

(BALTIMORE · MD · 2018)



University of Baltimore


Behnisch Architekten


.54 acres


Photography by RAS Photography; Architectural renderings by Behnisch Arkitekten


The transformation of the University of Baltimore's Robert L. Bogomolny Library included the removal of a glass atrium that folds outward rotated on the site, creating the opportunity for two small gardens at its base. One garden acts as a public entry through the atrium, while at the rear a private garden for reading is created. An angular fence separates the two spaces. Lush plantings fill the rear garden accented by a wedge of giant Ostrich Ferns. Flowering shrubs and trees surround the seating area. In the front garden, upright Ginkgos march toward the street, under-planted with a mix of native evergreens. Two interior planters bring vibrancy to the circulation spaces inside the building.

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