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J. Mehsen Joseph Public Health Lab

(BALTIMORE · MD · 2015)



State of Maryland






Photos by RAS Photography; Arch. renderings by HDR


The Science + Technology Park at Johns Hopkins and The New East Baltimore Community is an 80 acre life science and residential campus located immediately north of the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus.  The project is located on a block near the west edge of the campus.

Parallel parking at the east and south edges of the block was eliminated providing room for a larger exterior public space. The landscape creates distinct spaces outside of the building which reflect the varying public and private relationships within the building. The south, more public face of the building, is reflected in the landscape design with a ground plane and 3 dimensional site elements that move from the interior of the building into the landscape. The building has a roof terrace and two extensive green roofs. The basis of the site design was established by the East Baltimore Development Master Plan’s Streetscape Design Guidelines.

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