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Fraternity Housing




William & Mary


Moseley Architects; Treanor Architects


9.2 acres


Photos by Maylone Architectural Photography


Begun as a site feasibility study, the buildings are strung along a street. The house setback was determined on the north site by existing canopy trees. The houses have shrub borders facing the street at their porches, but otherwise the planting is designed to blend into the surrounding landscape. At the back of the houses, existing grades create a distinct setting that can be shared by all. At the north, the significant grade is captured by a wave of grasses that move down through the woodland. To the south, the site’s lawn is gathered by a crescent path edged with trees and shrubs to create an informal recreation area. The plant palette is drawn from the native landscape of the campus. Existing willow oaks are reinforced to create an allee along the street.

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