Project Overview

Virginia Tech Holden Hall

Blacksburg, VA

A small campus quad is redesigned to bring students accessibly to and through the site while creating a terrace for the renovated building. A road is resurfaced and parking removed to create new open space and an Engineering Mall.

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Virginia Tech’s 22 acre Drillfield is the heart of the campus.  It is a level treeless lawn set lower than the surrounding site and buildings, and ringed by Drillfield Drive.  Smaller quads are tucked around the perimeter.  Holden, Norris and Patton Halls form one of these, set 26 feet above the Drillfield.  Holden and Norris Hall’s lawn faces south towards Patton Hall and the Drillfield.  It is divided by a walkway the cuts through the two buildings.  The lawn is relatively flat in front of Holden Hall but slopes sharply off towards the west and south.  To the north, Old Turner Street dead ends in parking.  Mature trees flank the drive.


The new building opens to two terraces providing social spaces south of Holden Hall.  One is at the ground level while the second is between the ground and lower levels.  The quad is sliced by a diagonal path which slopes up, providing access to the lower terrace, and continues on to the upper terrace and northeast corner of the building.  At this point an archway opens to the north. 

Old Turner Street will be terminated at the loop just east of Holden Hall, and the space transformed into a lawn with paths.  The existing mature trees are supplemented with additional ones.  Canopy trees are also added to the quad along with shrubs and perennials at the lower terrace.

This work is being designed in conjunction with SmithGroupJJR and Moseley Architects.

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