Project Overview

Montgomery College

Montgomery County, Maryland

Montgomery College’s three campuses are all distinct.  Core Studio Design is designing landscapes for each that bring out their uniqueness. Projects include Pavilion 3, Science & Applied Studies, a new Garage and a temporary wayfinding system.

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Montgomery College is a public college located in Montgomery County, Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C. The college has three campuses, Rockville, Germantown and Takoma Park.  Its rapid growth has triggered expansion on all three of its campuses.


Core Studio Design is the landscape architect on numerous projects for Montgomery College including Pavilion 3, a new Garage, the Science & Applied Studies landscape and temporary signage design for all three campuses.  Core Studio Design is the on call contract for landscape architect for Montgomery College.

Pavilion 3 is a small building tucked into the surrounding neighborhood at the edge of the Takoma Park campus.  Its landscape creates a unique experience for those on site while melding with its surroundings.  The new front entry creates a small seating area off the street, while the back of the site is now a garden with year round interest fashioned by leveraging the stormwater management plantings and bulbs.

Science & Applied Studies at the Germantown campus is currently under construction.  It is a renovation and expansion of an existing building located at the center of campus.  The design accentuates the linearity of the building elements and creates landscape slices that connect the north and south quads through a series of central garden spaces located off of a north south pathway. The grade change south of the building uses materials and details that connect the site to the geology program inside.

The Rockville Garage is a new building located on an existing parking lot. Along with the new Student Services Building, the buildings create a new quad at the north end of the campus.  Stormwater is located in three raised planters along the west side of the building creating garden and seat walls facing back towards the quad.  Existing mature oaks were preserved south of the building.

Temporary Campus Signage was completed with Younts Design as a part of the On Call work for the College. Pedestrian and vehicular signs, and building banners were located at all three campuses.  These signs will showcase the College’s new brand identity.

The projects were designed in conjunction with Ziger/Snead Achitects, Cho Benn Holback + Associates and Younts Design.

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